The word Paladin comes originally from the Latin. In ancient Rome a Palatinus was someone who could get things done on the Palatine Hill, the seat of early imperial power. Centuries later, in the Middle Ages, the Emperor Charlemagne relied greatly on his enabling knights, the Paladins to carry out his expansion and consolidation. Paladins are known as champions, protectors, determined advocates, and defenders of noble causes. They get things done.

Martin Kane delivers outstanding shareholder value, P&L, in startup,
early-stage and turnaround settings.

With over 20 years of successful President/COO, Managing Director, and General Manager experience, he has launched innovative business solutions in healthcare (Aetna; Blue Cross Blue Shield; University of Massachusetts Medical School; Tufts Health); software (RLISYS), and high value services (Selkirk).

Mr. Kane enjoys building successful organizations and capabilities within those organizations. He has taught Strategy at University of Massachusetts, and Marketing at Boston University. He supports several not for profit organizations.

B.S., Boston College
M.B.A. Boston University

Interim Executive Solutions
Rapid Expansion
New Markets/New Product Launch
Unplanned Executive Vacancy

On-site C-Level Leadership


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